Known as the birthplace of reggae, the Caribbean Island is a dream destination for many. You may be wondering how it feels to live in Jamaica. The issue of education is particularly sensitive. While Jamaica boasts of a good education system, it faces many challenges.

Lack of Finances

The cost of education in the country is high. Free education is only offered in primary school. Once a child completes and passes primary school exams, the burden of school fees is on the parents. Many bright students will not be able to continue with their education. Parents with many children joining high school will put some on hold to allow the others to complete. This brings about high levels of school dropouts.

Poor Infrastructure

Learning conditions have a direct effect on the success of learners. The conditions in most of the schools in Jamaica are not friendly. Weak structures make up some classrooms. This makes it easier for big storms to bring them down. The students also lack quality furniture, and if available, it is always not enough. Inadequate school laboratories and sporting facilities is a common problem. The fact that some schools lack electric power supply is demeaning.

Brain Drain

This is a situation where a country loses its talented and skilled manpower to another. The rates of brain drain in the country are high. Most of these people move to other countries due to the poor working conditions and low pay in Jamaica. Its effects are devastating. The country incurs loses in its capital-labor. Revenue that would improve the education sector also gets lost.

The education system in Jamaica is in a dire state. The government and stakeholders have to take appropriate measures to improve it. They shouldn’t wait for the state to worsen and try to salvage it.