Teachers face enormous responsibilities including those of being substitute parents. The Caribbean government also requires them to maintain order and discipline in schools. However, through years of evolution in the Caribbean Education Sector, teachers continue to face significant challenges. This negativity has a great deal compromised the quality of education. Here are some of the major issues that teachers in the Caribbean may face:

Lack of Enough Personnel

The teaching-learning environment is dynamic thus should be interactive. Teachers should always have the winning platform to interact with other teachers within the same institution. The government in the Caribbean fails to allocate enough teachers to schools. The government limits deployment of teachers thus affects the number of teachers per institution.

Limited Resources Especially in Multi-Graded Schools

There is over-crowding in Multi-graded schools. The size and capacity of their infrastructure are usually not enough for the vast number of students present. The government does not hire extra teachers, and one teacher must handle dozens of students in a multi-graded setting with varying needs regarding levels. It is difficult for a teacher supervising a class made of students at different levels to select strategies on how to handle them promptly. It is even more difficult if the teacher is under-resourced.


On 5th April 2017, hundreds of teachers from Barbados Secondary Teachers union took to the streets of the capital – Bridgetown. The teachers expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s rules to mark standardized tests. The Ministry had also gone ahead to threaten the teachers by charging them with misconduct, following any insubordination to this law. Teachers felt this was salt on wound situation for their already underpaid situation thus took to the streets to demonstrate.

There should be enough teachers in a learning institution to allow natural interaction and learning from each other. The ministry should support teachers in sharing knowledge and expertise with their colleagues to enrich their teaching career.