Education is the backbone of all economies. It is a common belief that knowledge is the key to the future. The Caribbean region has recently had education reforms. The changes are for improving the quality of education. Education reforms involve the entire community to achieve local and international goals. The teachers are key players in the education systems. The following article discusses the significant problems of teachers in the Caribbean.

Training of the Teachers

Teachers need certification to begin teaching. Many Caribbean countries lack a policy for recruitment and selection of teachers. Inadequate procedures lead to the hiring of personnel with no qualifications. Early childhood, primary and secondary levels of education call for professional work. The teachers should have a certificate to show their training before hiring.

Curriculum and Assessment Systems

The Caribbean boasts of being a vast region. The assessment and curriculum vary across the region causing disunity in the system. Teachers face the challenge of lacking knowledge in a particular curriculum. In return, this affects the students and the general performance of the economy. The student will underperform, and the economy gets little return on investment.

Payment of the Teachers

Salaries act as payment for services. The money that one earns should equal the efforts put to achieve a goal. The government should put in place laws for payment of teachers. Salaries should vary in every level of education. A teacher with satisfaction in pay will work hard to get a higher rank in the workplace. Competition amongst the tutors leads to high-quality education. As a result, there is a good performance by the students.

The Caribbean has a high diversity of residents. Tourist activity is the primary income generating business in the area. The government should plan on tapping returns by educating and employing residents. Bettering the education systems is a sure way to improve the entire economy. Teachers are a top priority, and the government should meet their problems.